Call For Action

Sponsor STEM Classes  A group ( Class 6 to 7 )
Sponsor STEM classes for girls in one school ( 25 children ) for 6 months
Donate Rs. 2500/girl for six month classes

These classes will cover subjects in science and technology. It will be more of kindling interest in these subjects with hands on learning. A strong foundation will be laid for introducing some theoretical physics concepts later. Children will be introduced to organic gardening/farming.

Sponsor STEM Classes B group ( class 8 to 9)
Sponsor STEM classes for girls in one school ( 25 children ) for 6 months
Donate Rs. 2500/girl for six month classes

The classes will cover higher concepts in science and technology including robotics. Methodology will be hands on learning. Students will be introduced to theoretical physics concepts in order to expand their thinking. In continuation of the introduction to organic gardening, the theme of sustainable living at individual and community living will be pursued.

Sponsor Workshops in schools
Sponsor organic gardening workshops in schools
Donate Rs. 3500/- for one workshop

These workshops will be conducted by professionals and enthusiasts of organic gardening/farming. Students will be taught the concepts and hands on experience will be given in creating organic gardens. They will be taught how to maintain the gardens using non-chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They will be taught composting kitchen and garden waste. Also vermicomposting. This knowledge the students will be able to impart to their parents so that kitchen waste is turned into manure.

Sponsor Art classes
Sponsor for Junk Art Classes
Donate Rs. 8000/- for one month of classes

Children are also experiencing much stress these days due to various factors. The idea behind conducting art classes is to fundamentally de-stress students. This would be a playful environment that enables creativity to flower in children. Creativity not just in Art but in other areas of life too. The works of the students will be exhibited later.

Sponsor Soft Skills Workshops
Sponsor for Soft Skills Workshop for girls
Donate Rs. 4000/- for one Workshop

The need to improve soft skills cannot be overemphasized. Apart from helping students to land better jobs, it is a life skill. The workshops will focus on communication skills, leadership skills, team-working skills, creativity and problem solving skills.

Sponsor Exposure Visit
Help us organise exposure visit to professional spaces dealing with STEM
Donate Rs. 20000/- for one exposure visit

Sponsor mentors/facilitators
Sponsor mentors/facilitators for guiding the girls on STEM
Donate Rs. 6500/- for one mentor per month

Fundraise for SeedSTEM
Help us to raise funds for a year

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